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Make Society Smile Foundation has initiated a campaign called Hasivu Nalivu, which aims to address food insecurity by making food counters available to hungry people in need. The foundation believes that food security means much more than simply providing two square meals a day. It includes accessibility, availability, and affordability of food to all people, particularly the vulnerable households that depend on public distribution systems.

The campaign aims to address the dimensions of food security, including availability and accessibility of food. Make Society Smile Foundation aims to establish food counters in various locations, making it easy for people to access food whenever they need it. The food counters will be equipped with healthy and nutritious food, providing the necessary nutrients that individuals require to live a healthy life.

Make Society Smile Foundation believes that food security is a fundamental right and that every individual should have access to sufficient, safe, and nutritious food to meet their dietary needs. Therefore, the foundation intends to provide food counters that offer a wide range of nutritious food to ensure that people in need can access a healthy meal.

This campaign is an excellent opportunity for people to come together and help those in need. The food counters will be a place where people can go to receive a meal, and it is expected that this initiative will bring a smile to the faces of many people who would otherwise go hungry. Through the Hasivu Nalivu campaign, Make Society Smile Foundation is working towards reducing food insecurity, making healthy food more accessible to everyone, and bringing hope to people in need.

Food poverty is a critical issue that affects millions of people around the world, particularly those who are living in poverty or experiencing economic hardship. It refers to the inability of individuals or households to access sufficient, safe, and nutritious food on a regular basis, which can result in malnutrition, hunger, and a range of health problems.

Food poverty can have devastating effects on individuals and communities, particularly children, who are most vulnerable to the long-term effects of malnutrition. It can lead to stunted growth, poor cognitive development, and an increased risk of chronic diseases later in life.