From Homeless to Homeowner: The Journey of a Strong Woman

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Women who lack shelter are unique individuals with distinct and personal reasons for their homelessness. One such story belongs to Mariyamma, an older woman who had been living in Karnataka for years. As a single mother, she had been helping her daughter with daily dilemmas while simultaneously facing the challenges of aging and a severe decline in her health, ultimately leading her to become homeless. Concerned about her daughter’s future and despite her own difficulties, Mariyamma worked as a maid in many houses for several years to earn a living. Unfortunately, life often surprises us with unexpected obstacles, and Mariyamma’s health started to deteriorate, leaving her with no energy to work or earn a living. At that point, she shared her story and struggles with a close family member who then connected her with Make Society Smile. Through the efforts of one of our volunteers named Visalakshi, a senior citizen, the government was approached on Mariyamma’s behalf, and a government house was allotted to ensure her and her daughter’s safety. Thanks to the hard work of our volunteers and the foundation, Mariyamma was provided with a warm home in Sathagalli, where she could finally settle after years of struggle.

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