Work with us, and together we will shape our future.

As an organization, we have dedicated staff working across 8 projects, and we welcome both short and long-term volunteers who are committed to developing the next generation of social workers.

Our beneficiaries each have a unique story, and we need caring and empathetic volunteers to support and empower them with dignity and respect. In return for your time, you’ll gain insight into the operations and culture of our diverse NGO, Our organization places a strong emphasis on the key areas of health, education, and skill development.

Volunteering with Make Society Smile is also an excellent opportunity to develop your personal skills in line with your studies.  You’ll gain a good understanding of how our organization works, as well as enhancing your experience and personal development. Plus, you’ll make a valuable contribution to improving the lives and futures of our beneficiaries.

Our volunteers are the lifeblood of our organization, and we wouldn’t be able to function without them. Fortunately, there are many reasons why volunteering with us is great for you, including the chance to make a real difference, gain valuable experience, and develop your personal and professional skills.

If you would like to Volunteer please contact us at [email protected]